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Pink Blossom

"It's about broken hearts, not broken brains."

Lorna Smith Benjamin, PhD

I have done the therapy and read the books, but I'm still stuck.
My focus is on helping individuals who have tried other therapies to no avail. While I enjoy helping people with an array of concerns, the people who work best with me are bright, hard-working, and stuck. Some people who work with me meet criteria for personality disorder diagnoses. Some have experienced significant trauma. Many seek a clear understanding of not only what their problem patterns are, but where they come from, and what they are for. Most of all, while they may experience hopelessness, they don't want to waste any more time; they want to know how change occurs, and they are willing to work for it.
I use a model of psychotherapy called Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy (IRT). Developed by Dr. Lorna Smith Benjamin for people with personality disorders and treatment-resistant conditions, IRT can be useful for anyone suffering from intractable anger, anxiety, and/or depression. IRT begins with a clinical formulation that utilizes natural biology to make sense of an individual's problem patterns and offers a path to change. IRT is integrative, meaning that it draws from any intervention that is congruent with the clinical formulation. This might include psychodynamic, interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), mindfulness, Gestalt, existential, EMDR, trauma-informed, and attachment-based therapies.
A note on couples therapy: I enjoyed treating couples for over a decade. Being oversubscribed, and as my practice has evolved, I have chosen to focus my work on individual psychotherapy. I continue to work with couples in sex therapy and Discernment Counseling, but I refer couples with other needs to trusted couples therapists and clinics. I am grateful for my training and experiences in couples therapy, specifically that they helped me develop a "relationship-friendly" individual therapy. I recognize the fundamental importance of relationships and consider patients' relational contexts and goals as we work together. If you are seeking couples therapy and read this news with disappointment, I welcome you to reach out to discuss the ways in which relationship-friendly individual therapy could benefit your relationship. Finally, I offer a consulting service to couples who do not know what they need nor how to find it.

To schedule an initial consultation, or if you have any questions, please contact my office using the contact form below. For information about sex therapy, click here. For information about Discernment Counseling, please click here. For more information about LDS faith transitions, click here. For more information about me, my practice, and fees, please click here.

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