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"You can't really change the heart without telling a story."


— Martha Nussbaum

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I offer a safe and comfortable place to help you resolve problems both large and small, to understand how past experiences affect you in your current life. To feel better. 

I often work with people who are feeling bad without knowing why. I work with people whose hearts are broken.

I also specialize in working with men who have been told they have anger problems, who would like to become more emotionally fluent. I work with members of the LDS church who are experiencing faith transitions, as well as people who want to have better sex or are struggling with sexual problems. I also offer letters of support for people seeking gender-affirming surgery. Please explore my website for more information.

Finding a therapist can be intimidating. I will meet with you to help you make this important decision and determine if we might be a good fit. To schedule an initial appointment, please contact me by email, or via the form below. 

For information about my individual psychotherapy practice, click here. For information about my sex therapy practice, click here. For information about my Discernment Counseling practice, please click here. For LDS faith transitions, click here. For more information about me, my education and training, and fees, please click here.

Thank you for your communication. If appropriate, I will respond as soon as I am able.

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